Blackjack Sailing

Why Sail?

Safety, Fun, Learning

Safety – Sailing connects you to nature more than any other watersport.  The wind and water become your tools to coast across the lake or lean into a turn as the water rushes by inches from you.

Blackjack Sailing is committed to introducing you to the sport and lifestyle of sailing, but above all else, we are committed to safety.  All sailors are equipt with life vests, a motorized support boat is always in the water and on call, and our staff hold Sailing Instruction and CPR certifications.  Additionally, a designated adult remains on shore at all times to ensure prompt response to any change in weather or other emergency.

Fun – There are few activities on earth where you harness the power of nature to launch yourself on an adventure, a race, or a technical challenge.  Feeling the wind fill your sail for the first time is exhilarating and the fun only grows as you master new techniques.

Blackjack Sailings staff offers individualized attention to campers of all skill levels.  This means when you master a skill, we are ready to help you launch into your next adventure on the water.

Learning – Sailing is a technical sport.  Learning nautical and weather terms, practicing sailing knots, and executing tacking and jibing maneuvers are key to your progress.

But, the heart of learning with Blackjack Sailing is developing skills that will help you throughout your life.

Blackjack Sailing
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